How to Start a Small Lawn Mowing Business?

Lawn mowing business is very promising for those entrepreneurs who have artistic talents. Today everybody is looking for a business that requires less or moderate investment and produces more revenue. Any business owner starting a lawn mowing service should know how to deal with customers. The most important factor to know is offering the right price quote for mowing job. The first case of giving lawn mowing service is helpful in deciding the strategy to deal with customers. The following steps are useful in deciding the basic work strategy while taking your first case of lawn mowing:

1) Go to the customer’s home and take a round of his lawn. Walk around his home and take an accurate measure of size and contour of his lawn. Reflect for a moment about working tools required for mowing task. Make sure that all equipments are available at the time of workout at the lawn.

2) The next important task is to estimate the accurate time in mowing the field. It is also important to know, how many workers will be required on an average ratio to do this task.

3) Deciding rates for mowing business is the foremost subject of interest for mowing service owners. Many lawn care service providers charge their rate on timely basis. You can find some of them charging $1 per minute for mowing the lawn. In this way the rate for mowing the field for 1hour will be 60 minutes. Mowing rates also vary according to demand in cities. On an average standard charge of mowing is 60 cents to $ 1.50.

4) Before taking the task of mowing for any customer, you can also show previous work samples in form of photos and albums. This can be done if you have done the task of mowing previously.

Effective tips to advertise mowing service:
When you start a mowing business, most important issue is about promoting it among customers. Advertising has to be done for promoting mowing services among as many customers. The best way to tell people about your mowing business is to post cool ads on newspapers, magazines and pamphlets. Everybody reads these paper accessories, ads posted on them will convey your message to readers. Next comes online marketing, many mowing providers have setup websites telling about their services. You can also setup a website and display all about your mowing business, rates and lucrative offers. One time investment in a website can bring promising customers and drive your mowing service.
Owning the best equipment for mowing:

You need to maintain high quality equipments and tools to run mowing services. Buy the best quality tools with a warranty of 2-3 years, and then only you will be able to stand well to expectations of customers. Choose and buy tools that are for pure commercial use. Take for example a commercial mower will last for a longer time compared to a domestic mower. Other landscape processing equipments should also be bought after checking quality and level of durability.


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