Want to Make More Money? Get to Know Your Customers Better.

At the heart of any type of marketing strategy is the target audience.  After all, if the people who are likely to be interested in your business don’t know you exist or prefer a competitor, you’re not likely to be very successful are you?  This is why CRM should be core to your digital strategy.

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CRM or, Customer Relationship Management, is the process by which you get to know your customers in a context that can inform your business decisions.  For example, if you have a gift shop located in a small village where people do not tend to spend lavishly, you would be a fool to only sock items that are expensive.  In a nutshell, that example is a good way of highlighting the importance of CRM to any business but, when the correct strategies are used, its effects can be far more sophisticated.

CRM has traditionally been associated with IT systems and whilst they still provide a useful function in business management, the concept has expanded into digital marketing.   It is now applied to devising strategies to enable finding out more about users opinions, activity and habits which can be useful in not only improving a product and service to make it more palatable but also, to make customers feel like their voice is being heard. For example, the ‘Office button’ that appeared on most Microsoft Office applications in their 2007 version weren’t too popular and, customers were quite vocal about it.  In response, Microsoft have removed it in the 2010 release; A nice way to make the product easier to use for the target audience and, generating a relationship with a global audience.

Nowadays, not having a website is like not having a first name.  However, no matter how great your website is, it is not going to generate much custom unless it has an excellent web presence.  This is why SEO is one of the important things that need to be incorporated into a digital marketing strategy.

With Google releasing updates that make algorithms more and more sophisticated, your SEO strategy must be one that withstands the test of time.  One of the things that can enable this is, by ensuring that the website design and content is as natural, responsive, relevant and informative as possible for the user.  For this reason, when incorporated into a digital strategy, CRM results should be used by a web designer so that he/she can make more informed judgment calls.

There are many ways in which CRM can be carried out – surveys, loyalty cards, emails, social media, and so on.  In order to make all these digital products and services work together to form an effective marketing strategy, it is crucial that you employ a professional to do the job.  This is why companies like Boss Digital are ideal. Thanks to their CRM and proprietary software, you can identify the best current customers on your website and contact them in their preferred method of communication. With their expert solutions you can be rest assured that your marketing is in good hands whilst you, get on with making money!

Author Bio :- Sumantha Dutta – an experienced writer, IT professional and blogger. A freelance writer for over four years with a variety of articles published.


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