7 Reasons Why To Party

What are the reasons to go party? Why should you go? Why some people go twice a week? There must be some common reasons why most of us party a lot during certain period of life. Some party more, some party less. In the end, for most of us, recovery process becomes too much and too long and we just find other and better interests that take over our time – such as family.

However, some memories of those wild party days will remain with us for the rest of our life. So here are some ideas we gathered together between ourselves at Kvant (a company manufacturing laser display systems). Why we party? Is it because we must watch laser shows and evaluate the performance of our Clubmax and other laser systems we manufacture at all times? No!

To go party is good because:

  1. A proper relax (or brain re-set in that matter) after an intense week at work is very often needed the most. Many people just want to shake off all the stress and for many of them this type of relief works well.
  2. It is so important to meet up with friends and the party is obvious place to do so. Of course, at the party you won’t be discussing any crucial matters of your life, but that’s not the point. An easy going chat, jokes and laugh is what it’s all about.
  3. You meet some new people, girlfriends, boyfriends, and maybe one of them will become the love of your life – you never know.
  4. You listen to a good music at proper sound level on quality sound system – this will often increase your heart beat and make you sweat. It’s a good sweat!
  5. You can enjoy all the visuals including projections, light shows and laser displays. The laser displays can take you completely elsewhere if done properly.
  6. The dance is an amazing cardio so make sure you do the stretching before and after 😀 and drink plenty of drinks.
  7. You may do some pretty crazy stuff which you normally wouldn’t, but that’s just exploring yourself and looking into some hidden corners of your soul. Unless it gets dangerous, don’t worry too much about it. You know what they say:
    Who’s not ashamed in the morning, did not have the night.


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