Do Makeup Artists Need Insurance In The UK?

It is common for the people to get worried about and asked the questions about the insurance when they start planning to run a business. For some business in the UK, there is clear information available that whether the owner needs to insure their business or not but there is some business about them the requirement of the insurance differs. One of those businesses is offering to make up services to the people or being a Makeup artist. There are many miss concepts about insurance regarding the makeup artists in the UK as this business could be run as self-employed and also as a proper business format where property has been purchased and employees have been hired to offer different services related to the makeup.

The UK is a country which is very strict about the insurance requirements for the business but this does not mean that all business in the UK are required to purchase the insurance plans or to run a business there is legal requirement to enrolled for the insurance plan. The nature, type, and size of the business play an important role regarding getting registered for the insurance plan. The same rule goes for the makeup artists.

If the market up artist is offering his or her services as a self-employed person, there isn’t any special requirement for the insurance but if the same person is offering the same services under a property but there is the requirement regarding the property insurance. Same as that, if there are some workers work under the makeup artists in the saloon, then there is a legal requirement for the employee to purchase the employer’s liability insurance plans. So, in short, the requirement for the Makeup Insurance for Freelance depends on the number of things. But that not the only thing to consider to comes up with a conclusion.

We all know that purchasing insurance can help the business owners and freelancers to survive in the market when there are unexpected claims made by the clients, customers and even the third parties. So, it is always ideal for the makeup artists to purchase an insurance policy according to the risk level which they may face during the working hours.

Property insurance for Makeup artist:

If the freelancer makeup artist decided to work on a property, then there is the requirement to purchase building insurance. In this case, the insurance will be provided against the loss which happened due to theft and damages etc.

Even in case of the mobile operating salon, the insurance will increase the value of business and property. The service which has been offered by the makeup artists is not cheap, so do the claims which needed to be paid in case of the claims made by the clients. So, it is wise to purchase the building insurance for the salon so that you do not need to be worried about the claims occurred due to the property damage.

Employer Liability Insurance:

If the makeup artist hired some staff, then it is his duty to purchase the employer’s liability insurance for them. This will cover the claims made by the employees. For example, the employee got damaged in the workplace. There have been many accidents happened at the workplace of the makeup artists as the usage of chemicals involved in this. This increases the chances of accidents.

Public Liability insurance:

It is not mandatory for makeup artists to have liability insurance but it is always good to have one. This will allow the makeup artist to pay for the compensations made by the third person including clients who may get affected by the services of the markup artist etc.


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