Solar Panel Installer In Kent

How does solar panel work?

The solar panel is also called the photovoltaic panel; it is a device that works by converting the sunlight directly into the electrical energy. Solar panels are made on many solar cells and are interconnected with both series as well as the shunt configuration. Sun is a powerful planet and it has the ability to provide energy for the entire human living only if it is used in the right manner. For the past two decades, solar power has been used as an alternative to a source of energy and has played a beneficial role in development.

The photoelectric effect theory of Einstein can be used to understand the operation of solar cells. First let’s try to understand the physical structure, a semiconductor device that has two or more than two doped layers for forming the junctions. These junctions show a response towards different wavelengths of sunlight and any other form of light that has small packets of energy called the photons. The sun has the ability to produce about 1000 watts per square meter.

Photon on hitting the surface of solar cell strips off the electrons and gets free. This, in turn, causes the formation of the electric field at the junction to attract the electrons from n-type to p-type via an external circuit. The electric current is formed with the flow of electrons from the n-type to p-type

The solar cell produces a voltage that is very small and is not of any practical use, in order to overcome these many different solar cells are joined together to form a practical amount of energy. Each solar cell has the capacity to produce about 0.2A at 1.2V producing the output of 0.24W of power. A solar panel is formed with the connection of solar cells, and these solar panels on connection forms modules.

The free solar panels

In order to make homes and businesses in the UK more productive a Green deal has been finalized which helps in making improvement in productivity. It allows the person to get qualified to achieve free solar panels grants and the loans for solar energy in the UK.

How does a green deal works

The green deal is a government program which works with the property owners and the private businesses to promote the ways to save energy and to get the efficiently produce energy. The home that wishes to get this deal, is being first analyzed and typical improvements are discussed and then the program helps the owner of the house to get them to achieve different ways to finance this improvement.

There are many ways through which energy can be saved and in turn money and power will be saved.

The installers for solar panels in Kent

Kent solar power has Solar panels networks which include the network of many different companies that are working to deliver the best quality of the solar system and also to provide the cost-effective installation of the solar system in Kent. The solar panel network was made to provide a system that saves money and time for its customer. This network has the most experienced, certified installers that work best to provide the best installation to its suppliers. The solar panel network covers the whole UK for residential as well as for commercial customers.


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