What Are The Factors To Consider Before You Buy A Loft Ladder

If you have a loft in your house, you obviously need to have a loft ladder in your home. You have to use a ladder to access it. If you’re using the loft as a bedroom, or for any purpose other than storage, then you should fix a staircase.

There’re different types of loft ladders, so your choice will depend on your needs. Before you get an amazing ladder leading to the loft, what are the factors that you need to consider?

The factors include;

  • Get the right ladder size for your loft

This is very important. The first thing that you need to do is measure your loft space to determine the right size of the ladder. There’re a lot different dimensions to choose from, so you should be able to get the right size ladder that will fit your loft perfectly.

Most of the ladders are 3 or 4 section ladders, so your choice will depend on the size of the space of your loft.

  • Space requirements

Before you get a ladder for your loft, ensure that there’s enough space in the room to accommodate the ladder when it’s fully extended. If space is minimal, you can look for compact ladder models designed for closets and other small spaces.

  • Easy Installation

Another thing that you’ve to consider is if the loft ladder is designed well concerning how easy it is to install. If it’s properly designed, then it will be easy and fast to install.

If a loft ladder is easier to install, it becomes cost-effective to the homeowner because the installation takes place faster and the installer doesn’t have to waste time.

  • The floor type

Loft ladders reach down to the floor, so it’s crucial that you protect your floors. When a lot of pressure is put on the ladder, it can mar the tiles on the floor especially if the tiles are not of high quality.

Ensure that the foot of the ladder is padded with a good anti-slip rubber padding. This will make the ladder stable, and it will protect the floor as well.

  • Weight determination

Before you purchase a loft ladder, you should consider its weight against yours or of the heaviest person in your house. You should also consider the weight of the highest item that can be carried up the ladder.  This will keep you or a family member in a safe position.

The ladder should also be wide enough to carry bulky items if you have the habit of storing your items in the loft.  A domestic ladder should carry a weight of 140 kilograms on average.

  • Material

Loft ladders are made of aluminium, steel, or wood. Aluminium is the best choice because it’s lightweight and strong. Aluminium is a rust-resistant metal, and so it’s hard for it to be affected by humidity and temperature over the years. A wood ladder can also last longer, but it’s more prone to the effects of moisture and temperature change or natural defects.


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