The Best Sunbed For Your Body

Going to a tanning salon can get expensive if you want to maintain a beautiful bronze tan. It wasn’t always like this. Before tanning beds, your decision was simple, you either tanned when the sun was out, or you didn’t. This wasn’t great for those who wanted to maintain a tan through winter. Luckily, tanning beds are no longer reserved for the ultrawealthy and if you save up, you could find yourself getting one of the best tanning beds on the market from Ergoline Sunbeds UK.

The tanning bed that you choose should match your ideas of a perfect sunbed. There is no point making this large financial commitment, only to find that the tanning bed isn’t that great. You need to look at certain key points, namely lighting, comfort, and extras.

The Ergoline range of sunbeds is offered by BestSunbeds LTD., a UK company that prides themselves in offering quality refurbished sunbeds at a fraction of the original cost. They have taken into account everything necessary for you to get the perfect tan while comfortable and not breaking the bank.

Ergoline Range

There are over 20 Ergoline sunbeds to choose from, so if you don’t find the right one on your first check, keep looking. This range of sunbeds is centered around comfort, with the name ‘Ergoline’ stemming from their focus on ‘ergonomics’ with these sunbeds. Everything is efficiently designed which results in a product that has few flaws from a customer point-of-view.

Before you look at comfort, it is important to know that the Ergoline range can give you what you actually need – a good tan. This is no problem, as all Ergoline products come with state of the art body, face, and shoulder lamps to ensure that every part of your body is tanned evenly.

The differences come in when you look at the composition of these lights. Some of the Ergoline sunbeds include 50 facial lamps, while others focus more on shoulder/body lamps. This is all focused on creating different products for different users. Everyone doesn’t tan the same way, and by accommodating different light setups, they have made sure all their customers can be satisfied, no matter their skin type.

After lights, the Ergoline range goes above and beyond to make comfort their focus. Everything is meticulously designed to create a relaxing tanning experience. They have a few different styles, including flat, angled, curved, and standing. No matter which one you choose, you will be able to enjoy hot air extraction and air-conditioning, which keeps you cool throughout the heat.

There are numerous extras available, some automatically included and some come as optional extras. These usually encompass music, as more and more customers are requesting in-board speakers with mp3 and Bluetooth connectivity. For a little bit extra, you will get the complete package, an Ergoline sunbed that you never want to leave.

Obtaining a quote is easy and can be done as soon as you have decided on a product. There are also leasing options available for businesses that wish to set up a larger collection quickly.


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